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TECHNICAL SUPPORT for B.C. Water Sustainability Act Regulations

Western Water

Water Sustainability Regulations Overview

Enacted on 29 Feb 2016, the new regulations provide a three-year licensing period for existing wells, and all new sources not in use as of 29 Feb 2016 require a new groundwater licence application. WWAL can assist clients in assembling a complete application package to ensure water rights are recorded properly and allocated to the appropriate aquifer and well sources.

Technical Support for Groundwater License Applications

Our support can range from preparing the actual applications, or consultation in preparation of making application. We assemble/compile information such as well logs, pumping information, maps, aquifer information, and provide advice on flow rates and annual water usage, and strategies to optimize licenses in terms of water availability and dates of precedence.

Tracking Well Production and Water Levels

Anticipated regulations will require that operators of licenced wells report annually on well production rates (peak and average flow), production volumes (e.g. monthly and yearly) as well as water levels in wells. WWAL has years of experience helping clients efficiently implement monitoring programs to comply with regulations and information needs. Reporting will form the basis of annual water rentals.

Groundwater Protection Regulation

The new regulations now require submission of well logs and well drillers reports for all water supply wells and most other classes of permanent wells. WWAL can review the status of each of our client’s well sources and determine steps needed to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Western Water’s hydrogeologists have experience in licensing groundwater in several Canadian provinces and U.S. states to help you meet new regulations efficiently, minimizing the potential for delays in application processing.