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Western Water

WWAL has the experience and expertise for the development of numerical groundwater models for a wide range of project scales and complexity. While not traditionally viewed as part of conceptual model development, numerical modelling is becoming regarded as a useful and cost-effective tool at early or pre-project stages, leading to a well-founded preliminary site understanding that is important for guiding and improving the value of further investigation. Applied at a more complex level, fully calibrated numerical models provide a basis for a detailed understanding of site hydrogeology, groundwater – surface water interactions, scientifically-based predictions, and scenario testing.

WWAL hydrogeological expertise includes the use of FEFLOW (a finite element numerical groundwater flow model, DHI-WASY Inc.) as well as other commercial numerical and analytical software (e.g., Modflow, Aqtesolv) for groundwater flow and aquifer test analysis, with applications to both fractured rock an unconsolidated geological conditions.